The best of South Tyrolean delicacies on the table

Gourmet hotel in South Tyrol

A dream for the palate

At Gnaid, you can choose where to enjoy your meals, both in the morning and in the evening. Whether on the terrace surrounded by a floral Mediterranean atmosphere - in the shade of cypresses and olive trees or in the midst of the fragrant lavender - or in the luxurious dining room of the La Pergola Restaurant, you can experience an authentic feeling of freedom in every course.


South Tyrol is a territory that bases its culture on a varied historical heritage. Over time, we have seized various impulses to create something surprisingly authentic,  especially in our food and wine. We often hear about South Tyrolean specialties and Mediterranean cuisine, but it is the fusion of their ingredients that makes each of our dishes unique. Rich and hearty recipes meet light and fresh flavours, for tasty and outstanding results. The pairing with fine local wines from our cellar completes the experience of tasting only the very best at every meal!

La Pergola - The most beautiful form of enjoyment
La Pergola - The most beautiful form of enjoyment

Our new La Pergola restaurant is characterized by elegant spacious rooms that invite you to spend exclusive moments of pleasure.