Pampering and pure well-being

Your wellness hotel in Tirolo

Where serenity is at home

Treat yourself to a relaxing holiday: in the Gnaid wellness area, you will find the ideal dimension to achieve a deep feeling of well-being. Immerse yourself in the panoramic swimming pool and swim to the outdoor pool with a view of the splendid mountain landscape; relax in the area of silence, on the equipped lawn or let yourself be enveloped by the warmth of our saunas, to enjoy an experience of complete regeneration.

Finnish panoramic sauna

A classic of Scandinavian culture that enjoys great fame. With its high temperatures, it purifies the body and strengthens the immune system.

Turkish bath

Pleasant and less intense than the sauna. With very high humidity, it has a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract and purifies the body, revitalizing the skin.

4 Senses Lounger

Our innovative 4 Senses Loungers permit an exclusive journey into the world of relaxation. The suggestive interplay of light, warmth, gentle sounds and selected essences stimulate the senses and lead to a state of complete calm.

Infrared cabin

The gentle heat penetrates deeply into the body, carrying out a regenerating and soothing effect. Ideal after an exhilarating day outdoors or a sporting activity, it relieves muscle tension, rheumatic pain and joint disorders, without stressing the body.

Ice fountain

Strengthen your immune system and activate the circulation! The ice fountain has an invigorating effect and offers pleasant refreshment, especially after the sauna.

Panoramic Biosauna

What differentiates it from the classic Finnish sauna is the use of herbs that offer significant benefits. Helps to combat coughs, colds and other diseases of the respiratory tract.


Large, soft mattresses, comfortable suspended beds and quiet corners for undisturbed rest: in the two relaxation areas, finding your own dimension of well-being has never been easier.