La Pergola: local culinary concept

In symbiosis between tradition and modernity

Berries, mushrooms, and aromatic herbs are just some of the foods that are often found in nature during a simple walk along the paths of South Tyrol. It could be said that there is something good everywhere! So why not bring the varied local delicacies directly to our table? This is precisely the idea behind Lorenz Pfeiffer's culinary concept. Local products from nearby suppliers - trusted partners - are transformed into delicious traditional recipes, re-interpreted with creativity, under the slogan "South Tyrol first of all"!

Outstanding products, an exclusive food and wine concept, as well as guests with a refined palate are not the only elements necessary to create a gourmet restaurant. You also need a lot of passion and a touch of creativity, exactly what our Gnaid chefs have. To create irresistible dishes, you must prepare every single ingredient with care. In addition, attention to detail, perfection and the unceasing desire to create delicious recipes are just some of the “ingredients” our chefs use to make your dining experience unforgettable.

Our philosophy in the kitchen
3 Gourmet ¾ meal plan
Praise to wine